What is a family?
A family is a social unit traditionally forming a household or inhabiting a home, whose members are related to each other, though not necessarily biologically. Modern families are often very different from families in the 19th century, and they come in many different shapes and sizes and including different people: mother, father, children, grand-parents, other relatives. There are extended families with members from several generations, and nuclear families (parent/s and child/ren). At present a quarter of all families in the UK are single-parent families.

     Families consist of adults and children. The main function of the family is to provide containing frame for the adults to bring up their child/ren, to support their development and to help them with the difficult task of growing up. Every member in a family has their specific place and function. Therefore when someone in a family becomes ill or dies, this changes the shape of the family and the relationships of the remaining members with each other.

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