Illustrating 15 simple messages, with flaps to open, with the idea to prompt the reader to think about and actively make sense of the 'stories', thus laying the foundation for reflectiveness, while also inviting the desire to show and share the pictures with others, thus further inviting conversation and thinking together.

The picture book aims to encourage mental functioning and reflectiveness about emotional issues relevant to a child's behaviour and the
parent-child relationship by presenting the reader with a brief message and a picture illustrating a difficult situation.

There is usually a contradiction between the message and the first picture aiming to open a mental space for curiosity.

By playfully creating a state of suspense and slight emotional turbulence, the first page sets up an emotional tension and a readiness for wanting to link message and picture. The page then opens to reveal 2 more pictures, inviting the reader to actively make sense of how the 3 pictures and 4 messages fit together, i.e. requiring an active mental process of 'meaning-making'.

Opening the page provides some relief, while at the same time triggering a puzzled 'What's going on now?' as the reader identifies with the parent in the picture to go on a short mental 'journey'. The whole process requires a certain amount of tolerating not-knowing and not-understanding, encouraging a dialogue, either with another person … or inside ourselves, i.e. thinking …

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An Activity Picture-Book on Parenting for Parents
'In the Family': Effective Parenting and Behaviour Management'
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