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Ali’s Mum:             Quick Results

We have just started with MindBuilders and we are very happy with the quick results that Ali (age 5) is already showing. I am very much looking forward to working with Sibylle, - and seeing even more progress.

Malaika’s Mum:        Slowing Down and Understanding Child’s FEDL

We have been working with Sibylle for 8 months now and it is amazing to see the changes in Malaika and the rest of the family. There have been improvements in her interaction and interests, which has only happened through regular 1-1 play the way Sibylle showed us: to slow down, a lot, - to understand her FEDLs (Functional Emotional Developmental Levels) and appropriate games. Understanding about FEDLs also taught us to join her in her Comfort Zone and to gently woo her into a new activity and to focus on back-and-forth games for as long as possible.

Kofi’s Dad:             We were floating in Blindness

‘We were completely blind until we met Sibylle. There was nobody helping us before that. Kofi (age 3) was just diagnosed, - and then ‘bye!’. And the diagnostic system takes so long! They said ‘Your son has autism. It’s a life-long disorder. So sorry. Here is a list of professionals you can contact.’ And that was that. Really shocking. Nobody explained what it is or means. Nobody to calm the parents down. We were floating in that blindness. I’d never heard of autism, didn’t know what it is. We don’t know about this in my country. My wife made me come along to MindBuilders Information Session. I didn’t want to know at first. We were arguing a lot. But seeing the videos of other children, and other families! Oh my God. I saw that we had similar problems, although all the children were very different. And we started to understand our son. It was amazing. It’s changed our life. And our family. We started Home Consultations with Sibylle. She showed us how to understand and communicate with him, gave us advice about play and helpful developmental activities to do with Kofi. Now we have full communication with him. We understand that he doesn’t see the world like we do. It makes you pull back. We stopped being upset and trying to make him talk. He’s just different. He still doesn’t talk. But we can communicate with him, and he with us. When Kofi was diagnosed, our family was breaking up. Now it is stronger than ever, and content. Even happy!’ 

Rahul’s Parents:        From Aimless to Purposeful Activity

We couldn’t engage him at all. It was terrible. All he wanted to do was spinning. All day long. When we found Sibylle, everything started to change. First we identified Rahul’s developmental capacities, and then she showed us developmental activities that we could do with our son to help him become more focussed and purposeful. Learning about the  Learning-how-to-Learn Waldon approach has been a godsend. It makes so much sense. And because it shows you how to use many household or common objects, it doesn’t cost much either. Now Rahul (age 5) climbs onto his special chair every day keen to do the posting, sorting and matching activities with one of us.

Chang’s Parents:         Given us Hope

MindBuilders’ has changed our lives and given us hope! And the motivation to help my child and myself deal with autism in a positive way. Thank you!

Derek’s Mum:            Sense of Direction

Working with Sibylle’s MindBuilders’ approach has given our family a sense of direction. It’s given control back to our lives, rather than Derek (age 6) controlling us! I would like more frequent video review meetings. They are so helpful to see what is actually going on, and where I can make changes.’

Derek’s Dad:             Best intervention for my child!

I think this service should be given to every early years team in the country! It is giving power back to parents and giving an understanding of child development to parents and the ability to help our child, - ourselves and at home, i.e. the most cost effective intervention.

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Click here to visit our other website, www.reachingautism.org
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