Treasure Baskets were 'invented' by Eleanor Goldschmied ‘in response to the dissatisfaction which babies of this age clearly show with the often limited and not very interesting playthings offered to them’ (E. Goldschmied et al. 1994). Nothing more sophisticated than a low basket full with about 100 everyday and natural objects of different textures, appearance and quality, it offers the opportunity of intensive,  though flexible, stimulation to babies of a young age,  while at the same time promoting observation and reflective
What Babies Love Best!
skills in parents and others. Watching a baby at a Treasure Basket also allows us to assess a child’s overall development, as well as a great deal about the quality of attachment and personality-factors. It does all this in a most unobtrusive and enjoyable manner. As far as I know it is unique as a tool in combining such a wide variety of functions for babies of such a young age.

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