Waldon Lessons

The Waldon approach is an integrated therapeutic approach based on the work of Geoffrey Waldon, a paediatric neurologist who, in the 1970-80s, developed a system of ideas and play activities to help those with autism, developmental delay and/or communication difficulties to ‘learn how to learn’ by building up their ‘general understanding’, which is the basis of all further learning.

Waldon practitioners regard learning difficulties as the result of a lack of ‘general understanding’ and question standard educational practice as inhibiting the learner’s learning through their emphasis on instructive teaching and doing things for the approval of the teaching adult. This creates anxiety and other difficult feelings, including a habit of going through the motions without understanding and emotional engagement in order to ‘get it over and done with’ using minimal effort.

Instead, the activities and materials used in Waldon lessons aim to create enjoyable self-motivating activities that are done for their own sake and for the pleasure of ‘doing it’, i.e. not for praise or to satisfy the expectation of a teaching adult. In fact, it is when unexpected things happen (otherwise also known as ‘mistakes’!) that new understanding happens and real learning occurs. By providing the learner with appropriate guidance and suitably flexible play materials we help to build his basic understanding as well as practicing spatial awareness through exploring and discovering the similarities, differences, regularities and patterns of the world, i.e. learning how to learn.

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