Card games:
These card games are for more advanced Waldon lessons with a learner who has mastered the initial tasks and has developed the following capacities:

· being interested in the world and what he can do, especially picking up and putting down
· being able to focus and to pay attention
· accepting guidance from another person
· motivation to engage in meaningful and purposeful behaviour
· ability to sit and to ‘get into’ an activity and motivated to keep going (‘continuant behaviour’)

Examples of games using the cards: Photos

Instructions for card downloads:

1. choose your cards
2. print out either on card or on paper and laminate for extra sturdiness. However,  
            if you are only going to use the cards with 1 child, this may not be necessary
3. cut along grey lines, either with scissors or using a guillotine
4. keep sets of cards together with elastic bands and organised in a box for easy

NOTE: If you are new to this, we strongly recommend that you book some Waldon lessons to help you to understand how to use these materials at your child’s developmental level and to guide him towards building up his own understanding through experiencing your guiding movements (e.g. don’t explain or comment or praise, don’t test or wait for him to ‘get it wrong’).

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