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DIRFloortime Training

Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based (DIR) Interventions include

      DIRFloortime (created by child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan, M.D. and Serena Wieder)

      PLAY - Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters (created by Dr. Rick Solomon M.D.)

DIR is an “Inside-Out” approach to a wide array of developmental problems and educational practices that starts with the premise that individual differences are the norm not the exception. No two people are alike. The focus is on the child’s strengths and interests, not on surface behaviors and compliance. The ‘How?’ and the process is more important than the ‘What?’ (or content). Affectively charged relationships are seen as the foundation of all human mental-emotional development. The child is no longer seen as a deficient being but as a competent, curious person who is essentially keen to connect with others and to learn, regardless of diagnosis. Parents are supported to become active play-partners and the cornerstone of the child’s journey towards developmental progress and discovering the child’s unique individuality. Goals are to mobilize affect and emotional relationships, to encourage self-initiation, keep a continuous flow of ‘circles of communication’ and to move from sensory-motor activity to symbolic thinking.
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Waldon Workshop
The ‘Learning-how-to-Learn’ WALDON APPROACH is based on the work by Dr Geoffrey Waldon, a neurologist, who observed that the developmental process proceeds in a well-recognised order of functional developmental capacities. From this he developed a theory of how children learn and a practical approach to address children’s learning problems and developmental delay.

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