Thoughts Looking for a Thinker

observed and have been described in detail by the psychoanalyst W.D. Bion in his 'Theory of Thinking' and other writings. The 'motor' that starts the thinking (higher brain functions) are thoughts and emotions (lower brain functions).

The mind has to develop inside itself a container for dealing with these emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Bion's Theory of Thinking

The theoretical model that I have found most helpful in making sense of
internal processes and states of mind is Bion's theory of thinking and other
ideas based on this by Bion himself, Meltzer, Scabbiolo, and others.
Rodin's "The Thinker"
The human mind is always trying to solve problems, and it is so sophisticated that in principle it can solve any problem.

But rather than having to learn to think in order to produce thoughts, as previous theories (and current education-philosophy) have it, the process is actually the other way round: It is the thoughts that are seeking the thinker, not the thinker creating the thoughts (Bion 1967), - an observation that has, incidentally, long been espoused by Buddhist ideas. These ideas were
W.D. Bion
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