Sequencing Cards FREE downloads! 
(more card downloads will be made available as soon as we have them)

For guidance only - Not downloadable
For guidance only - Not downloadable
Sequencing Games
Sequencing is about arranging things to follow each other in a logical, predictable and linear sequence of repeating patterns: ‘What comes next?’ or ‘What’s missing?’. Being able to follow a sequence of ideas, e.g. instructions at school, and to understand what happens next, e.g. getting dressed requires the ability to sequence. It includes elements of pairing, matching and sorting.
Instructions for card downloads:
1. choose your cards on the right of this page, click on them and then right click on the full sized  
            image that will come up in a new browser window. A drop down menu will appear when you right  
            click. Select and click on "Save Picture As..." (in Firefox this will say "Save Image As...).  In the  
            window that appears choose the file you wish to save the image in (e.g. My Pictures) and click on
2. print out either on card or on paper and laminate for extra sturdiness. However, if you are only    
            going to use the cards with 1 child, this may not be necessary.
3. cut along grey lines, either with scissors or using a guillotine.
4. keep sets of cards together with elastic bands and organised in a box for easy access.
Click to download the house - tree sequencings sheet.
The Sorting and Matching boards suitable for the games on this page are available from the Toys with Tools website.
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