The Development and Structure of the Human Mind
Human mental development is not linear, but a process of continuous crises of 'catastrophic change': When a new idea comes into the mind, it creates chaos by disrupting the current status quo in the personality, thus forcing previous ideas to be revised.

In a mental process of 'Russian dolls', we aim to contain the anxious impulse to 'do' something, when confronted with a child's challenging behaviours, perhaps by using imagery, metaphor, our picture-
book and other visual 'tools', to encourage the process of generating 'dream-thoughts', 'dream-thoughts ... that can lead us to being able to think about what is going on and what would be the best ways in which we can respond to the situation.'
Below you will find some links to articles and video clips that help to give more understanding of our philosophy: more in-depth information can be found in the books listed here:

Harlow's Rhesus Monkey Experiments and the Attachment Theory - Fathers' Rights (

Attachment Theory   An Overview of Attachment Theory By Kendra Van Wagner, (

Attachment in Children   An article summarising "Attachment Theory"
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