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Sibylle Janert, PLAY Home Consultant
to fit your child's and family's unique individual needs
to contain and reduce feelings of confusion in child and family
to prevent disturbances and mental deterioration from getting worse
Delayed speech and language development, - in preparation for more formal speech therapy
Developmental delay and how to help your child to catch up
Not knowing how to interact or how to play with your child
Feeling confused and without a sense of direction
Learning problems at home and at school
Eating issues and difficulties
Toilet training and self help skills
Sleeping and bedtime troubles
Difficult behaviour and how to set limits
Fears, phobias, obsessions, controlling behaviours
Tantrums, aggression, passivity, negativity
Sibling rivalry and family relationships
Puzzling behaviours or developmental issues
Where to find appropriate help and support
Dedicated individualised support from a skilled experienced Home Consultant
Parenting and family support, coaching siblings
Helping parents to understand the meaning of their child's problems
Helping the child to develop his learning capacities
Sensory, movement and developmental activities, including the Waldon approach
Play techniques, strategies, activities, materials
Behaviour management advice
Toilet training support
Coaching, modelling, counselling
Supporting fathers in understanding their crucial role in helping their child
Holistic therapeutic support and strategies for positive play, behaviour and emotions
Practical advice on optimum use of home environment, e.g. suitable chairs, play materials
Giving the family a sense of direction to see the child from a different perspective
Managing stress and difficult feelings, e.g. diagnosis, behaviours, school, the future, …
Progress reports, evaluation and continuous assessment
Ongoing support and advice by phone, email, text or post
Assistance with IEP-goals
How to PLAY and COMMUNICATE with your child in ways that are fun, so he will want more
How SPEECH develops through using gestural, non-verbal and verbal LANGUAGE
How to use DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES to address and fill the gaps in his understanding
How your HOME ENVIRONMENT can be used to encourage your child's mental development
How to practically address BEHAVIOUR ISSUES as a form of emotional communication
Assessment of child and family situation and containment of confusion
Creating a strategy towards progress and to prevent expansion of disturbances
Implementing strategy to reverse the situation of developmental delay and disturbance
Help With Costs:
To pay for the Home Consultation Programme use some of your Disability Living Allowance (DLA),    
the tax-free benefit for disabled children from the government to help families with extra costs.
MindBuilders' Home Consultation Programme

What happens in a PLAY Home Consultation?
An experienced Home Consultant will visit the child's home regularly to coach parents, siblings and other family members how to play, communicate and interact with the child. A home visit takes about 2 hours and includes observation, discussion, strategies and modelling of interactive play and effective communication. I aim to video about 15 minutes of the session to help us to observe and notice what is going on. The subsequent Review Meeting is an integral part of the programme as it provides parents and Home Consultant with the opportunity to reflect together on the meaning of the child's problems, to understand the complexity of the situation and to think about how to reduce disturbances and work towards developmental progress.

How long does it take?
Parents always report immediate changes in their child and for themselves after the first Home Consultation and Review meetings. But just as a house is not built in a day and a plant needs time to grow fruit, mental development takes time, patience and commitment. To see real progress therefore requires a commitment from parents and home consultant to work together with the child for usually at least one year. All families I have worked with report solid progress in their child and the whole family after 1-3 years of working together.

What is MindBuilders' approach?
MindBuilders uses a developmental approach based on the DIR Floortime and The PLAY Project models as well as other developmental techniques, e.g. Waldon activities, to create a programme that is tailored
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.  Home Consultation     £275
       consisting of:
       1 Home Visit (2 hours)
       1 Review Meeting (1 hour at Barnsbury Therapy Rooms, adults only.
       i.e. WITHOUT children)

Upon payment we will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for the appointment and notify you of any additional travel charges based on where you live.
PLEASE make sure that you include accurate contact information in the shipping information and notes.