The 2 day DIRFloortime introductory weekend covers the content of the ICDL-101 course that is a prerequisite for continuing your DIR-training with the Interdisciplinary Council for Development and Learning ( or with the PLAY Project (
SAT + SUN 18-19th March 2017 - 10AM to 5PM
Comprehensive overview of the DIR-Floortime model in theory and practice

Venue: Barnsbury Therapy Rooms   
144 Liverpool Road         
London N1 1LA

Cost: DIR 101 course/ 2 days: £265
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Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based/DIR perspective on typical and delayed mental development including autism
The 6 Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDC) that make up healthy mental development: focussing and shared attention, self-regulation, emotional engagement, 2-way purposeful communication, complex shared problem-solving, shared meanings, symbolising experience through play, imagination and abstract thinking
How individual differences and the child’s sensory-motor profile affect his/her development and our relationships with the child
Basic principles of DIR-Floortime as a strength-based approach (i.e. not a deficit model), especially: ‘circles of communication’, following a child’s lead, while challenging him at the same time, importance of emotional engagement and non-verbal gestural communication, expanding child’s range of emotional themes
Practical DIR-Floortime strategies, techniques and activities
FREE book: MindBuilders’ illustrated Play Manual
The official requirements to apply for further training towards DIR-Floortime practitioner’s certification
Do want to know about AUTISM Seen Developmentally (ASD) and how to engage children with autism or other developmental delay through playful interaction with the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based FLOORTIME approach
+ lots of video examples of children's progress

Comprehensive overview of the DIR-Floortime model in theory and practice:
Certificate from ICDL for full attendance and completion of course content