A baby's brain more than doubles in size during the first year of life.
Early Brain Development
Early brain-growth only happens through positive interactions with other people who are interested and attuned to the baby. The quality of 'shared experience' between baby
and parents during the first 18 months is fundamental for the development of the capacity for emotional engagement with others and the beginnings of self-consciousness, symbolic communication, language and entry into culture.
The Brain Does Not Wait!

A baby’s brain is genetically pre-programmed to expect the stimulation necessary for optimal growth by their eagerness to interact with their environment and those who care for them because Early brain-growth follows the 'use it or lose it rule

3 year old brain
Windows of Opportunity

There are 'critical periods' during the early wiring of the human brain during the first 18-24 months when a baby is developmentally primed to have certain experiences with other people and the environment

Cells that fire together wire together
It is interactions and emotional experiences that create new neuronal connections during the first year.
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