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About MindBuilders:
MindBuilders was established by Sibylle Janert in 2006 after many years of experience to continue her work with families, children and autism using an emotional-developmental model that promotes growth with a particular interest in the human mind, its development, wonders and difficulties.

MindBuilders Play Manual

MindBuilders’ Play Manual is the illustrated summary of  MindBuilders’ approach and Sibylle’s ideas and experiences gained in years of working with families and parents, children and babies, as well as with autism.

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Sibylle Janert is a
· Psychologist and autism specialist with over 20 years’
experience of working with families, children and autism: MA in
the Psychology of Therapy and Counselling/ Regent's College;
MA Infant Mental Health/ Tavistock Clinic/ University of East
· Expert DIR® Floortime™ provider and training leader,
working directly with families and children, coaching parents
and teaching DIRFloortime courses in London, Germany and
internationally online
· Autism PLAY Home Consultant (PLAY = Play and Language for
Autistic Youngsters), having trained as an intern with the
behavioural paediatrician Dr. Rick Solomon in Ann Arbor, USA
· EarlyBird trainer (NAS-licensed) and one of the first
EarlyBird providers in the UK
· Member of the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists and Allied
· Bilingual English (ESOL-cert.) and native German speaker and
language teacher, and can also speak some French and Bengali

Sibylle is trained in/influenced by the following
teaching/therapeutic approaches:

Infant Mental Health, Attachment Theory, Psychoanalytic
Infant Observation
during the first 2 years the foundations are built for a baby’s brain
and mind: <>,

DIR® Floortime
a relationship and play based approach to autism and developmental
disorders: <>,

Child Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
tries to understand the complex emotional and unconscious inner
lives of children and adults:

Somatic Experiencing
how to overcome psycho-somatic symptoms or consequences of

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy
transforming lives through music and non-verbal communication: <>

Video Interaction Guidance
aims to enhance communication within relationships:

Waldon Approach
practical activities to help the child to ‘learn how to learn’ and to
build understanding:

Lego Therapy
to help with social interaction, visuo-spatial processing and fine
motor skills: <>

Therapeutic Drawing and Painting (based on ideas by Goethe and
Rudolf Steiner)
artistic techniques often inspired by nature, its’ rhythms and
processes as well as the creative healing power of colour and forms:

Non-violent communication,
effective communication skills to calm and deepen relationships with
your 'self' and all others around you in life, love and work: <>

Horse Whispering + ‘Join up’
using the horse’s inherent methods of communication to create a
willing partnership in which the horse’s performance can flourish to
its full potential, rather than exist within the boundaries of

Bothmer Movement
is the study of the relationship of the human being to space: <>

Alternative mental health approaches
aiming to make sense of and resolve mental-emotional pain and
suffering, including Therapeutic Communities

Teaching of ESOL, adult-literacy, Latin and German to adults
and children

Sibylle is committed to
· looking at every person/ child as a whole with unique
strengths and weaknesses
· a growth-model for development, rather than a behaviourist
model of input-output
· a psycho-dynamic model of the mind focussing on emotions
and the conscious/unconscious thinking processes of the
mind, rather than a mechanistic computer model of the mind
· understanding and moving beyond labels and static diagnoses
· empowering parents to feel confident in supporting their
child at home
a relationship-based approach promoting primary attachments and

Sibylle believes that
· we must not put a ceiling on any child's/ person's
developmental potential
· that there is always a lot that can be done
· being able to think is more important than knowing facts and
being certain

Sibylle has experience of working with
· Families with children with challenging, difficult and/or
autistic behaviours
· Nurseries, main-stream as well as special needs
· Autistic Units/ Schools
· Parents' Groups focussing on Parenting Skills and Behaviour
· Situations of extreme Poverty/ Deprivation, e.g. HIV/AIDS
issues, Bangladeshi families,
· Children’s Centres and SureStart, including being Chair of
SureStart Trailblazer
· Presentations and workshops in Britain, Germany, India,
Bangladesh, Africa

Sibylle Janert
Franco Scabbiolo
   Franco Scabbiolo
· is a psychotherapist and has been working in private practice
with adults, adolescents and children with autism and as a
supervisor for over 25 years in Oxford in the UK, as well as
working, giving seminars and supervising cases in Italy, Colombia,
Corsica, Norway, Sweden, London and New York, as well as in
Seattle USA
· trained in South America, London and in Oxford, where his most
important psychoanalytic education came from the Oxford
psychoanalyst Donald Meltzer (1989-2004)
· is a coordinator and supervisor of groups of psychotherapists,
teachers, music, dance, art and speech therapists working with
autistic and psychotic children
· is a member of:
                - The Forum for Independent Psychotherapists
                - The Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College
                - United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

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